Thank you, St Clare Community, for making the Festiv’all a  fun-filled  fundraising event!

Congratulations to our 2013 raffle winners!

1st place: John R.
2nd place: Stephen
3rd place: Michelle C.
and our Top Raffle Ticket seller: Emma L.

Your sponsorship helped maintain the traditions of the BBQ, Italian, Chinese and Mexican Community Food Booths, Silent Auction & Grand Raffle.

Your volunteering allowed the festival to happen and is much appreciated.

Your attendance made the Class Game Booths, Stage Entertainment, Carnival Rides, Cherry Bells and Bar so much more fun and raised money for both the School and Parish.

We are ready to make the Festiv’all even better next year! Provide your feedback,  so we can ensure you continued enjoyment.

If you have lost items at the festival, please email and we can check our Lost and Found department.


The St. Clare Festiv’all Committee

Read the write-up about the Festiv’all in the Santa Clara Weekly:

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